Referrals for the Employability and Independence Programme February 2024 are Open.
The Deadline for applications is 15th December 2023

Luminary provides training, employment and community to women who have been classified as experiencing "multiple disadvantages", including gender based violence. Women will have a safe and trauma informed space to train, alongside holistic one-to-one support from an allocated Luminary support worker, throughout the Luminary Programme: reaching goals and gaining independence.

We require a referral from a professional who is currently working with the applicant alongside the trainee application. 

Applying for this programme is a commitment to finding employment and gaining independence: attendance is incredibly important. Please bear this in mind when applying and making referrals.

Referral Eligibility Requirements: Please Read Carefully

Please use your discretion with this criteria and ask us any questions you have if you believe a client fits our project.

  • Female
  • Experience of Violence Against Women and Girls (including, not exclusive to, Domestic Violence, Sexual Violence, Prostitution, Trafficking, Sexual Exploitation, Stalking and Harrassment)
  • Experience of homelessness, the criminal justice system, adverse mental health, the social care system or similar disadvantage
  • Right to Work in UK
  • Unemployed
  • Aged 18-50
  • Can read and write to ESOL level 2
  • Educated no higher than GCSE
  • Persistently low income
  • Physically able to work
  • Engaged with drug and alcohol interventions for at least 6 months*
  • Engaged with mental health support*

* If applicable/appropriate

Luminary Employability and Independence Programme Outline

All training takes place on-site in London.


Phase 1:

Trainees will:

  • Learn to bake to a high level, ready for a professional kitchen
  • Complete their Level 2 in Food Hygiene for Catering
  • Participate in Holistic Self Development Sessions
  • Receive personal support from a Luminary support worker

Training sessions:

  • 1 day per week with a maximum of 7 women in each cohort
  • Travel can be reimbursed up to £5 with a valid receipt


Phase 2:6 Months

Trainees will then go on to Employability and Independence sessions alongside looking for paid work, participating in work experience and one-to-one support. Trainees will then graduate.

Trainees will:

  • Participate in employability sessions for half a day per week
  • Participate in holistic support and 1-1’s to pursue employment and independence goals
  • Receive personal support from a Luminary support worker

Training sessions:

  • 1 group session per week for 2.5 hours with (no childcare is available, this will need to be organised)
  • Travel can be reimbursed up to £5 with a valid receipt


Phase 3: 6 Months

Graduates will get one-to-one support from Luminary Support Workers alongside sessions with professional mentors. They will work through helpful resources and specific topics and tasks to help each woman reach her goals and secure work.


Phase 4: 6 months

Luminary Support Workers will offer specific support to each individual, supporting her to feel confident in her independence and employment before the programme finishes.


Phase 5: Luminary Alumni

Women who have trained with Luminary will always be welcome at Luminary. We will continue to offer work and wellbeing opportunities but no longer offer 1-1 support.