Luminary is a social enterprise designed to offer opportunities for women who have experienced social and economic disadvantage, to build a future for themselves and their families.

Luminary started as a church project, and has a Christian ethos. Many Luminary staff have a Christian faith but it is not always required in order to work or volunteer with us, and is never a requirement to benefit from our services. All can find a place to belong in the Luminary family.

The Christian faith motivates the Luminary culture of going the extra mile for our beneficiaries, believing in potential in everyone, showing love and compassion without conditions, and ‘loving our neighbour as ourselves’.

Anyone looking to join the Luminary team, as staff or in a voluntary capacity, must be sympathetic to our aims and objectives, looking to help drive the project forward in line with our vision. It is advised that applicants be comfortable working within a faith-based organisation, being respectful of faith views. The team will sometimes have a time of prayer together but this can be used as a time of reflection, and attendance is not mandatory.

For our beneficiaries, we provide an inclusive service, with ideologies discussed when initiated by the beneficiary, keeping in mind their vulnerability, respecting other world-views and not passing judgement.

We recognise that spirituality is a part of the human make-up and seek to find opportunities for women to navigate their own spiritual journey in community. However the services we offer are non-discriminatory and beneficiaries are treated equally no matter what faith background or interest in a faith journey they have.

If a woman would like us to pray for her or provide chaplaincy-style support, specific team members are happy to offer and facilitate that. For these certain job roles, holding a Christian faith is an occupational requirement and will be outlined in job descriptions.