Reclaiming Hope

By Kaila H. Johnson

Moving throughout the walls of Luminary Bakery and within the hearts and minds of those that work here is the innate focus to rise hope. It’s part of our vision and DNA—to help a woman reopen a door that has been closed, and reclaim hope. This is the heartbeat behind Luminary’s very own Employability Tutor, Ruth Le Friec. 


“Reclaiming hope is about reclaiming self. For the women, reclaiming their identity—who they are, who they want to be and who they can be, without limitations. For me, reclaiming hope is about enabling a platform for that to happen—reopening a door that has been closed.”

Ruth’s genuine and relatable personality creates an environment of compassion and acceptance as she walks alongside each woman partaking in Luminary’s programmes, edifying and drawing out capabilities that have previously been extinguished. Her heart behind working with each woman is illuminating and helping them reclaim what was already theirs, and what should have been. Her advice,

“Don’t let anyone else stop you! So many women have been told, ‘No’, but there’s more for them. And this is what we are fighting for. We are about saying, ‘Yes!’”

Through Ruth’s past experience of working with young women in prisons, she has learned the power of assisting someone in restoring belief for their future! The journey is not easy in overcoming fears, prejudice, and obstacles that have been dictated and cultivated over many years, but the result is unanimous in strength and significant aftereffect. 

This is exactly why we have a vision to grow in offering more opportunities for women to reach their potential and broaden their hopes for the future. With a second bakery location opening this Autumn, and a cookbook launching in August 2020, more and more stories of reclaiming hope are take flight. As Ruth accompanies that growth with her ineffable capabilities to encourage the women she works with, she continues to cheer on restoration.

“Hope: it’s such a big word! So full of ‘more’—there has been more, there is more, and there will be more!”


From closed doors to reclaiming hope, this has been a Behind-The-Scenes Moment with our hope champion and Employability Tutor, Ruth Le Friec.



  1. Favourite Luminary Baked Good?:Vegan Gluten Free Peanut Butter Cookie”

  2. A surprising fact?: “I used to be a synchronised swimmer!”

  3. Guilty pleasure?: “Easy reads, like Harry Potter I find them such a good escape when I can't turn off my thoughts from a difficult day or conversations.

  4. Favourite place you’ve traveled?: “Iceland!”

  5. What makes you laugh the most?: “My husband!”

  6. Favourite book?: “A Thousand Splendid Suns By Khaled Hosseini. I gained so much from it!”

  7. Go-to Karaoke song?: “Mr. Brightside by The Killers.”

  8. Puppy or kitten?: “Both, they are so fun… I was actually going to be a vet, but decided this job instead!”

  9. Sky dive or bungie jump?: “Sky dive!”

  10. Beach or city?: “Beach!”


If you are a woman who could benefit from Luminary’s programmes or are a support worker interested in referring someone, please check out our programmes or contact

Kaila assists with Luminary’s Press & Communications and has the honour of putting words to the amazing stories taking place throughout this social enterprise. When she’s not writing, you can find her exploring the world of art, trying out new nutritional recipes, or savouring a locally roasted cup of coffee. Stay connected through her blog or Instagram @kailahjohnson.

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