Being a Baker

This afternoon, I had the pleasure of talking to Aine, one of our main bakers here at Luminary Bakery. After her time as an on-going volunteer throughout last year, she returned at the beginning of this year as a full-time staff member. Since then, she has loved being part of the Luminary team, experiencing the journey and witnessing firsthand the amazing work going on inside and out of the kitchen.

When asked what she enjoyed most about her role at the bakery, Aine expressed her love for working with the women training in the course. She takes joy in building relationships with them, laughing and learning alongside them, and watching their confidence grow week by week. Additionally, she loves trying new flavour combinations and experimenting with different, wonderful ingredients.

She sees Luminary as a team of women equally passionate about food as well as people, a team built on support for each other that not only has fun but works together extremely well.

When it comes to advice to newcomers, Aine says that baking can be intimidating but it all depends on self confidence. “Trust yourself,”  she told me.


“You can’t be afraid to make mistakes and take risks.”


In terms of support within the team, Aine treasures the amazing management teams but also loves how everyone offers something different. Each person has their own strengths and creative ideas.

Aine is excited for Luminary’s upcoming transition to Stoke Newington and overall development for the organization. She aspires to help more women, impact more lives and watch the charity side grow in a brand new space.


“The women are the reason we got this far. It’ll be such an achievement to get to that point,” she said. “I’m grateful to be a part of it all and excited for the future.”

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