Balance in Restoration

International Women’s Day 2019

By Kaila H. Johnson

In a trending world seeking balance - whether fitness and health, body and image, or poverty and affluence - determination to find harmony is on the tip of why days like today matter. A day to refocus. A day to feature. A day to remember those of Perseverance Past, Perseverance Present, and Perseverance Future. A day to #balanceforbetter.

International Women’s Day comes to us at Luminary Bakery with a force - a force of hope, resilience, belief, and above all else, restoration. It’s days like today that fan the creative and ardent flame within, as our bakery turns into a fierce artisan replicator of Sticky Toffee cakes, fluffy cinnamon swirls, and endless gooey traybakes. At the forefront, our bakers are continually busy learning, creating and embarking on luscious treats of influence, but in the background, there is much at work. Each moving part of Luminary - whether baker, operations, trainee, graduate, or apprentice - balances the heart that makes up this social enterprise.

Behind the scenes, beating to the tune of restorative balance, are women who carry on the baton from those of Perseverance Past. Each day is a battle for balance, yet at the same time, is a celebration of pliancy. Upon reflecting on why Alice, Luminary’s Founder, chose to begin such a life-giving business, she said,


“Meeting women who were experiencing violence and disadvantage because of their gender, meant I couldn’t ignore the inequality. Those of us with more privilege should feel challenged to use our position to advocate for others. When previously disadvantaged women are given a chance, they really can thrive - these are the opportunities Luminary creates and champions!”


As the heartbeat in the background continues, Esme, Luminary’s Progression Support Worker, passionately states the societal need for balance,


“We currently live in a society that defines individuals worth by their social circumstances. I believe that we are not defined by these past experiences, but rather by our unique talents, insights, and beliefs. Luminary promotes this individuality and facilitates a second chance for women who want to grow.”


Though tensions rise against such thoughts, the baton continues to be passed from one woman to the next. Rising hope with each pass, from disadvantage to opportunity to affluence. Balance continues its work of restoration. As Allison, Head of Sales and Operations, passionately celebrates,


“I know the work I do extends beyond selling delicious baked goods. It reaches to doing real good in the lives of wonderful women in my community. … here at Luminary [we] bear witness to hope every day!”


#betterforbalance increases hope! It takes into consideration history - those of Perseverance Past - and matches it with our current community - those of Perseverance Present - so we can create a culture of hope for those of Perseverance Future. A future of balance. A second chance for harmony. As Rachael, Luminary’s Commerical Director, summarises beautifully,


“I believe business can be used as a powerful force for social change. Giving someone a job, surrounding them in a safe environment, placing them in a culture that is kind, training and empowering them to reach their potential. These are all things that any business can do, and what Luminary is passionate about doing day in and day out.”


These are just some of the women of Luminary’s Perseverance Present, passionately fanning into the flame of balance for restoration - #balanceforbetter. In seeing someone’s potential, rather than past, a second chance is given. A second chance for hope. A second chance for balance. A second chance for restoration.

Luminary exists to rise hope. To embrace worth. To honour determination. And to establish balance in restoration. There is an abundance of strong, fiery, and ingenious women behind the scenes of this haven - whether baker, operations, trainee, graduate, or apprentice. They all play their part in balancing the heart that makes up days like this. A day to refocus. A day to feature. A day to remember. A day to #balanceforbetter.

Happy International Women’s Day!


Kaila helps Luminary with communications and as a freelance writer - bringing words to the experiences and stories being shared. When she’s not writing, you can find her sipping an intricately made cup of coffee, exploring the world of art, or trying out new nutritional recipes.

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