Luminary Bakery

Lemon and Blueberry (VG & GF)


Vegan AND Gluten-Free, how can it be?! The best vegan and gluten-free cake for your dessert table. Refreshing & fruity moist lemon sponge dotted with blueberries, sandwiched and topped with lemon vegan-buttercream, decorated in a crescent moon shape with candied lemon, blueberries, mint, cornflower petals and sprinkled with lemon crumble topping*. Catering for dietary requirements at celebrations has never been tastier.

Allergens: Soy **

* precise toppings subject to availability 

** Disclaimer: Please note that whilst we do our utmost to avoid cross-contamination, our treats are baked in a kitchen where allergens such as soy, gluten, sulphites, eggs, dairy and nuts (including peanuts) are present and may therefore contain traces.

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