Job Title: Non-Executive Director – we are looking for two non-executive directors. Subject to skills, the intention is that one will act as the Chair of the Board

Remuneration: This position is not remunerated but reasonable out of pocket expenses incurred fulfilling the duties of the role, including travel to meetings, are reimbursed.

Location:  North-East London - At our two locations in Stoke Newington and Chalk Farm.

Time commitment:  In addition to two induction days, the director is expected to attend a minimum of four board meetings per year, and may need to attend more if the needs of the business require.  

They would also be invited to attend and represent Luminary Bakery at events, meetings and functions. The term for this role is three years with the option for reappointment for a further three years.

Accountable to:  All Non-Executives are accountable to the Chair of the Board of Directors

Job Summary:  A Non-Executive Director is a member of the Board of Directors and brings independence, external skills and perspectives, and challenge to strategy development. Directors share a corporate responsibility for the governance and performance of Luminary Bakery.


  1. Assist fellow Directors in setting Luminary Bakery’s strategic aims, ensuring that the necessary financial and human resources are in place for Luminary Bakery to meet its objectives, and that performance is effectively monitored and reviewed.
  2. Assist fellow Directors in implementing the values and standards of Luminary and ensure that its obligations to its stakeholders and the wider community are understood and fairly balanced at all times.
  3. Understand the relationship between Luminary Bakery and its affiliated charity, Luminary Limited, and communicate and engage with the Trustees of Luminary Limited with the aim of ensuring the mission of the Luminary project is fulfilled.
  4. Provide independent judgement and advice on issues of strategy, vision, performance, resources and standards of conduct and constructively challenge, influence and help the Board develop strategies.
  5. Engage with, and report periodically to third party investors in the Company. As appropriate, meet with external investors to discuss the progress and development of the Company. Aim to ensure that the operation and governance of the Company meets the requirements of the Constitution of the Company, and contractual undertakings to shareholders.
  6. Commit to working to, and encouraging within the Company, the highest standards of probity, integrity and governance and contribute to ensuring that the Company’s governance arrangements conform with best practice and statutory and contractual requirements.
  7. In accordance with agreed Board procedures, monitor the performance and conduct of management in meeting agreed goals and objectives and statutory responsibilities, including the preparation of periodic and annual reports and annual accounts and other statutory duties.  
  8. Obtain assurance that financial information is accurate and that financial controls and risk management systems are robust and defensible.
  9. Be a member (and, where approved by the Board, be Chair) of committees established by the Board to exercise delegated responsibility and support accountability. (At present, due to the size and development of the Company, there are no such committees.)
  10. As a member of the Board, support, encourage and where appropriate ‘mentor’ the Chief Executive and Executive Directors, and determination of appropriate levels of remuneration for executive directors.
  11. Engage positively and collaboratively in Board discussion of agenda items and act as an ambassador for Luminary Bakery in engagement with stakeholders including the local community, and dealing with the media when appropriate.  


Education/ Qualifications

Educated to graduate level, or to demonstrate an equivalent qualification or level of experience. Formal educational qualifications are less important than possessing relevant skills and expertise.


Luminary Bakery is looking to appoint two non-executive directors.   We are looking for individuals who between them have a combination of the following skills.

  1. Experience of working at a senior or executive management role in an organisation of an equivalent size and complexity, with one or more of the following specialist areas of knowledge:
  • Commercial experience, in particular in the food and drink sector
  • Finance and accountancy
  • Marketing and business development including through use of social media
  • Governance, bringing strategic analysis, decision making, performance management skills, ideally with a customer and service focus
  1. Experience of the challenges faced by social enterprises, and start-up businesses in this sector is a particular advantage.
  2. An understanding of and interest in social enterprise, a commitment to the VisIon and Mission of the Luminary Project and commitment to the Luminary Values.
  3. The confidence and motivation to improve the Company’s quality of service and performance, and to plan for and address challenges as they are forecast or arise.

Luminary is a Christian faith-based organisation whose aims and objectives are firmly rooted in the Christian faith and whose objective is the support of disadvantaged women. It is not a requirement for the non-executive director role that the individual is either of the Christian faith, or a woman. But the individual needs to be comfortable in such an environment and respectful of the Christian principles, and of the objectives of the Luminary Project.


One of the non-executive directors would be a ‘B’ Director within the terms of the Constitution of Luminary Bakery. As such, the decision on the appointment and removal of the director is ultimately a decision of the B investor shareholders.

The other non-executive director would be appointed by all shareholders and, subject to skills, is intended to act as Chair of the Board of Directors.

However, once appointed, the duties of the director are owed to the Company in accordance with the statutory and legal responsibilities applicable to directors of a limited company, and not to any shareholders in particular.

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