Luminary Bakery Letterbox

Letterbox Brownie - Mixed Box


A scrumptious mix of our best-selling brownie flavours, including: vegan chocolate, coconut & cherry brownie, gluten-free salted caramel and chocolate brownie, and gluten-free chocolate brownie. Perfect if you can't decide between these popular brownie choices, which you will always find decorating our Hackney and Camden Bakeries. UK wide delivery is available for our Letterbox Brownies via first class post.


Vegan Chocolate, Coconut & Cherry Brownie: Gluten (Wheat), Coconut & Soy

Gluten-free Chocolate Brownie: Milk, Egg, Soy & Oats

Gluten-free Salted Caramel Brownie: Egg, Milk, Oats, Soy & Sulphites


* see allergen note


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